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Churches in Santa María de Guía

Santa María de Guía, is one of the smaller municipalities of Gran Canaria, and covers an area on the northern side of island. A pretty, friendly town, and one that should definitely be visited. Santa María de Guía is steeped in history, and was inhabited long before the time of the Spanish Conquest.

With the advent of the Spanish Conquest, also came religion, and with it the conversion of the ancient aboriginal Canarians and the building of churches.

With some of the churches in Santa María de Guía dating back to just after the conquest, you may well find it interesting to visit them, just to appreciate their historic importance to Gran Canaria.

Below is a short list of churches that can be visited in Santa María de Guía.

Santa Maria de Guía

Catholic Church
Tr. Iglesia, 1
35457 Santa María de Guía, Gran Canaria

Catholic Church
Canónigo Gordillo, 7
35450 Santa María de Guía, Gran Canaria

Catholic Church
Caserío Tres Palmas, 2
35450 Santa María de Guía, Gran Canaria

We realise that this list of churches is not complete. It is missing a timetable of the different services, and photos. That is where we hope, you will help us. If you have any information about any of the churches in the list (or indeed churches that we have missed and you think should be included) please use the feedback form below. All information will be gratefully recieved and added as soon as possible. Information that would be especially useful would the times of the services at the different churches.