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Gran Canaria Excursions and tours

Gran Canaria has a great many different things just waiting to be discovered. The Blue Canarias helicopter excursion will take you over the south of the island where you get a bird's eye view of some fascinating geological features. You will even find an excursion that will impart to you, information on the Ancient Guanche people of Gran Canaria.

You can take an excursion to the capital city, Las Palmas, to the centre of the island where you will find Roque Nublo and many marine excursions that take you out onto the sea. There is even an organised shopping excursion.

So, is it a bird or a plane? could it be a tour, or an excursion? From all the information we have gathered, the answer seems to be it could be either. What we have done with the Excursion section of the website, is viewed an excursion as an organised trip to one place of interest or activity. we have treated tours as organised trips taking you through various places of interest and with more than one stop on the tour. For more information on the companies offering the tours, all you need to do is visit the tours page. You will find listed, different tours that are on offer and a company name and contact telephone number for you to be able to book your tour or excursion. On this page you will find a list of some of the other excursions available on Gran Canaria, that don´t quite fit into some of other groups in this section.

Gran Canaria Camels

Camel Excursion, Gran CanariaThis is a half day excursion and appeals to both adults and children.

This excursion takes you to, Artera La Barranda where you will come across the valley of a thousand Palm Trees. You will ride a camel for an hour during which you will visit the oasis.

On your return, included in the excursion there will be a BBQ waiting for you to enjoy in an area surrounded by palm trees, which lend it their elegant beauty and dappled shade.

Once the meal is finished then you will see a show which features Mr. Gustavo also known as the camel whisperer. The show contains entertainment for the whole family, young and old alike.

At the end of the day and the excursion you will be presented with your own personal camel riders licence (bet you didn't find out where reverse was) along with a glass of typical local liqueur. The excursion finishes around 2pm.

This excursion is provided by Last Minute Travel.
For more information in this excursion or to book your reservation: Telephone: 0034 928822028.
You can also book this excursion directly, with La Baranda Camel Safari Park by: Telephone 0034 928798680 or 0034 928172465. When Booking this excursion direct with the La Baranda Camel Safaria Park, there is a collection and drop off bus service available.

Garbo's Dinner theatre

Garbo's dinner theatre on Gran CanariaGarbo's dinner theatre is a spectacle not to be missed. Every year the theme of he show changes, making this an excursion that many holiday makers enjoy time and time again. The cast of the show are also in fact your waiters and waitresses and come from all over Europe.

The production is of the highest quality and extremely entertaining with a spot for dedicated to special celebrations in the middle of the show.

Your excursion price includes transfer, entrance to Garbo's dinner theatre and a 3 course meal of the highest quality, which you eat whilst being entertained.

This excursion is a very special evening and one that should definitely not be missed.

This excursion is provided by Last Minute Travel.
For more information about this excursion or to book your reservation: Telephone: 0034 928822028.

Helicopter excursion

Helicopter excursion, Gran CanariaThis excursion is a really special and different way to see Gran Canaria. On this excursion you will fly over the island, and see the glorious views of Gran Canaria, from above. You get a real birds eye view, as on this excursion, you soar, ever higher, winging your way through some stunning ravines, and glide across the sea. This excursion allows you to see, Gran Canaria from a different perspective, all from the comfort of a helicopter.

The excursion varies in price according to the length of the flight you book, and while this is not the cheapest excursion there is no better way to see the mountains, ravines and valleys of Gran Canaria. This excursion may change without notice or prior warning, as with all types of flight travel, the excursion is dependent on weather conditions.

This excursion is provided by a number of different companies. Below we have listed two.

For more information about this excursion or to book your reservation with Last Minute Travel: - Telephone: 0034 928822028.

For more information about this excursion or to book your reservation with Islas Helicopters: - Telephone: 928 157965. Mobile: 636 526900. Email:, Website: Islas helicopters.

Horse riding Gran Canaria

Horse riding excursion, Gran CanariaThere are variations on this excursion. You can ride for 1 or 2 hours. The 1 hour excursion will take you through beautiful landscapes and the southern aspect of some mountains giving you some amazing views of Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, and the dunes.

The 2 hour trek will provide you with an excursion to the mountains. No matter what your level of experience there are horses for all levels including beginners, so that you get the most out of your excursion.

It is also possible to book VIP reservations for groups of up to 4 people, so you can get together with a smaller group of friends and enjoy a private excursion. The excursion price includes, drinks, an English speaking guide and travel to and from the ranch.

This excursion is provided by Last minute Travel.
For more information about this excursion or to book your reservation:
Telephone: 0034 928822028.

If you wish to know more about this type of excursion and other horse riding facilities on Gran Canaria, visit our horse riding page.

Loro Parque express

Loro Park excursion, Gran CanariaAs the name suggests, you will be taken to Tenerife and Loro Parque. This excursion is based on the Tenerife and Loro Parque tour. The express excursion transports you, to the ferry and then, once docked at Tenerife you will be taken directly to Loro Parque, where you will have time to view their animals and birds and enjoy the shows that Loro Parque, puts on for your enjoyment and entertainment. This is a fabulous excursion that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

As part of the excursion you will then be transported back to Gran Canaria. The ferry, is as much a part of the excursion as Loro Parque itself. Usually a calm crossing, with all the normal facilities you have come to expect from a top quality ferry service.

This excursion is cheaper than the Loro Parque tour because you have no stops along the way.

This excursion is provided by Last Minute Travel.
For more information about this excursion or to book your reservation: Telephone: 0034 928822028.

Sioux City Gran Canaria

Sioux City, Gran CanariaThis excursion takes you to one of the most famous theme parks on Gran Canaria, Sioux City which was previously the film set for a “fistful of dollars”.

Friday night is excursion night at Sioux City, and definitely the most talked about excursion on Gran Canaria, and is almost certainly the most popular. Friday night sees the BBQ so dress down and get ready to join in the fun.

The wild west town, built inside Sioux City, has a saloon, a jail, a church, and even a graveyard. This may be just as well, when you consider how many public hangings they do each year. This excursion is a real treat, and one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The BBQ is held in the beer garden, and the cowboys are on hand to serve you your grub, and you are free to take advantage of the free bar all night. All included in the price of the excursion.

This excursion is provided by Last Minute Travel.
For more information about this excursion, or to book your reservation: Telephone 0034 928822028.

For information about this excursion from Viajes Lopez or to make your reservation: Telephone: 928720189.

For more general information on the theme park visit our Sioux City page.

Monarca Butterfly Farm

Monarca Butterfly Farm, Gran CanariaDuring this excursion you will get to see one of the most graceful species of the insect world, the butterfly. The excursion will allow you to visit the butterfly house and see the breeding programme. During the excursion you will see the butterfly house and admire these exotic treasures. You will learn all about the breeding and farming of these colourful jewels. The Monarca butterfly Farm is open to the public Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, entrance to the park is only available through the excursion organised by the Monarca Butterfly Farm team. The excursion organised by the Monarca Butterfly Farm, includes, a personal English Speaking guide, botanical exhibitions, an exclusive visit to the butterfly breeding house, and 1 free drink.

The Monarca Butterfly Farm excursion is available to clients from Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés or San Agustín. The excursion begins at 10.00am and finishes at 14.00pm. It is only by taking part in the excursion organised by the Monarca Butterfly Farm, will you be guaranteed an Enlish speaking guide and a visit to the breeding unit.

If you book this excursion direct from your own telephone you can obtain a 10% discount. The Monarca Butterfly Farm also houses; Tarantulas, tortoises, a cactus garden, a canarian garden and a plant shop from where you can purchase seeds for the tropical plants that you have seen inside the butterfly house.
This excursion is provided by Monarca Butterfly Farm.

For more information about this excursion, or to book your reservation: Telephone 0034 686242224.
You could also visit their website


Paintballing, Gran CanariaIf you are tired of always doing the same thing, then if there are enough of you why not consider Paintballing. This is not exactly an excursion because we cannot say for certain, that collection and drop-off are available. Paintballing is a fun activity and should be considered if you are looking for something a little different to do while you are on holiday, or indeed, if you live on Gran Canaria and just looking for a new activity you can enjoy. Visit the Paintball Tennis Centre Maspalomas, for a stimulating adrenaline rush that you will not forget.

Paintballing is organised by the Paintball Tennis Centre Maspalomas, located very near Campo de Golf.

For more information or to make your reservation: Telephone 0034 928778559 or Mobile 0034 660694836.
To see the other things on offer at Paintballing Tennis Centre Maspalomas visit their attractive website,

Swim with Sealions in Gran Canaria

Swim with Sealions, Gran CanariaAs an excursion this is perfect for everyone. Children and adults can get to know the sealions at Maspalomas, and after the introduction you are invited in to the pool to swim with the sealions. During the excursion you have the opportunity to stroke the sealions. Are you feeling short of affection? then this excursion is perfect for you because you have the delight of being able to kiss a sealion. The sealions will jump over you whil you are holding a hurdle bar high above your head, then you will become the proud recipient of a sealion hug.

During this excursion you will help the trainers give signals to the sealions so that the sealions can show off to you, their intelligence and agility. Sealions are marine creatures that have an incredible sense of humour and they just love mimicking people, so be prepared to laugh a lot during this unforgettable excursion. The excursion has two distinct parts. First you will be invited to meet the sealions and get to know them. During the second part of this excursion you will be invited into the pool to swim and play with the sealions. The excursion can be enjoyed in two ways, either as a spectator or as a participant and the prices are varied accordingly. The excursion is only available by making a reservation beforehand, and, so that the participants of the excursion get the full benefits of their time with the sealions, group numbers are limited.

This excursion is provided by Sealions Maspalomas.
For more information about this excursion or to make your reservation: Telephone 0034 666124776.

Donkey Safari Through Tirajana de Gran Canaria

Donkey Safari, Gran CanariaTry an excursion that is a little different, and see the sights of Gran Canaria on the back of a donkey.">Yet another idea for seeing the amazing scenery of Gran Canaria. Choose the Donkey Safari excursion. This excursion will take you the the Caldera de Tirajana on the back of a donkey. This excursion also gives you information and facts about the lifestyle and habits of a donkey. You will be greeted with an appetiser, which you can enjoy while learning all about the donkey, before setting off on the donkey safari excursion. The excursion gives you an hours ride on a donkey over traditional paths. At the end of the donkey safari excursion, there is an opportunity to rest and enjoy a snack at their outdoor bar while you appreciate the amazing views and scenery. Once you have arrived at the bar, if you would like to experience the donkey safari excursion further, then you have the option of riding the donkey around the grounds of the bar and through an orange grove. This excursion is fun for all the family.

This excursion is provided by Donkey Safari, Las Tirajanas.
If you would like more information about this excursion or to make a reservation: Telephone 0034 180587 or Mobile 0034 658938332.

Procast Flights around Gran Canaria

Procast Flights, Gran CanariaWhat better excursion could there be than an excursion that allows you to see Gran Canaria from the air. This excursion gives you a birds eye view of the most stunning places in Gran Canaria, some of which are inaccessible using any other means of travel. Procast travel operate from the El Berriel airport, opposite the Karting track and 5 minutes away from the typically Canarian fishing village of Castillo del Romeral. Procast fly Cessna planes that have a top wing configuration allowing the passengers full, unobstructed views across Gran Canaria. This excursion has 3 different variations.

The first excursion flies you to the centre of Gran Canaria. You will see the megalith Roque Nublo, fly over some the deepest canyons on Gran Canaria, plus the coastal towns of Puerto Rico, Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and Puerto de Mogán. This excursion lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The second excursion takes you to the other side of the mini continent of Gran Canaria. On this excursion you will see Las Palmas, the Capital city of Gran Canaria. During this excursion you will also see, Moya, Firgas (famous for it´s natural spring water) and Santa Brigída, to name just some of the towns and villages of Gran Canaria that you will see. The duration of this excursion is approximately 30 minutes.

The Third excursion and perhaps the most impressive excursion of them all, is the Gran Canaria island tour. Everybody wants to go round the island of Gran Canaria at least once in their lifetime, and this excursion can make that dream a reality. What better way to completely see the island of Gran Canaria than from the comfortable interior of a plane. Why not consider hiring a car and create your own excursion by seeing gran Canaria from Ground level and then, make a reservation for the Gran Canaria full island tour excursion, and fly around the island. You will be amazed at how different and beautiful Gran Canaria appears when viewed from above. This Impressive, and not to be missed excursion will last for approximately 50 minutes.

Procast are also the company which takes care of the aerial advertising, that you may have seen while you have been lying on the beach. They fly the planes that are doing the banner towing.

This excursion is provided by Procast Flights.
For more information about any excursion available from Procast Flights, or to make a reservation: Telephone 0034 928143728 or Mobile 0034 695676705.
Their email address is If you would like a preview of what you can expect from an aerial excursion from Procast Flights, you could visit their website

Whichever excursion you choose, whether on land or perhaps you are more interested in a marine excursion there is something for the whole family on Gran Canaria and with so much to see and do it is hard to understand how you are going to find the time to top up that tan.