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Camel Safari Excursions in Gran Canaria

Camello Fataga
Isla de Lobos 70
35100 San Fernando
Gran Canaria

Tel: 34 928 760 781

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Camels Safari Camels have had along and chequered history during their relationship with the canary Islands, but it transpires that, without the Spanish conquest, Camels would not have arrived on the Canary Islands. Perhaps the Camels arrived here, because of the Islands proximity to the African continent. However along with many food products including the banana, the Canaries are responsible for the arrival of Camels to the Americas and other places on the globe.

Before we begin to give you the information about some of the Camels excursions that are available in Gran Canaria, Here are a few facts about these strange and mysterious animals.

Facts about Camels

  • Camels have a split upper which helps them when they are grazing.
  • In the desert, Camels are used for a variety of purposes. Desert dwellers and travellers use Camels for clothing, shelter and transport. They also use camels as source of food.
  • The diet of Camels usually consists of Vegetation and grasses. Camels tend to seek out plants that have a high salt content.
  • Male Camels are called bulls, female Camels are called cows, and baby Camels are called calves.
  • Perhaps akin to the reptilian world, the body temperature of Camels fluctuates. Rising during the day and then dropping again by night. This may be to preserve the energy levels of the Camels while they are are at rest or sleeping.
  • Camels can go for days and weeks with little or no food and water.
  • Camels and other animals belonging to the same family, lie down to rest or sleep.
  • There are two different species of Camels, the Camelus(with one hump - often known as dromedary Camels), and Bactrian Camels, the two humped variety.
  • The stomach of both Camels has three sections, making Camels ruminants, similar to the domestic cow.

Let's talk Camels and safari, the dunes of Maspalomas are a great place to go ride Camels where after saddling up the Camels, you can traverse the sand dunes and let your imagination take over. Perhaps you could be Lawrence of Arabia, leading a train of Camels. The truth is that over recent years Camels and the camel safari have become increasingly popular as a holiday activity.

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There are a few different places where you are able to either see and or ride Camels and another is the beautiful village of Fataga. The guides will explain how to mount the Camels and then the technicalities of riding Camels. What better setting for riding Camels than the gorgeous valley of Fataga? Just get there early so you don't get an ugly one, and watch out for the bad tempered Camels, because they do spit.

Visit a different area of Gran Canaria on Camels. This time the Camels will take to the Rocky mountains of Gran Canaria. Whilst riding the Camels you will see some breathtaking and wonderful scenery, so remember to take your camera.

  • This Camels excursion includes an introduction to the incredible world of Camels and you will also get to observe the Camels up close. So close you will be able to touch the Camels with your hands.
  • Riding the Camels through natureĀ“s village and a glorious plantation of palm trees.
  • Giving water to the Camels and believe it or not the Camels will show you their appreciation by giving you a kiss.

After all this you will have the opportunity to visit the bar, the store and relax and enjoy the fresh breeze as it whispers through the palm trees.

The price of this Camels excursion includes

  • Entrance to the park.
  • Riding the Camels for half an hour.
  • Meeting, feeding, and touching the Camels.
  • Visiting the zoo and the plantation where they grow many different things including, Tobacco, Grape Vines and avocado.
  • kissing the Camels.
  • Meeting the Camels personal keepers.

This Camels excursion is provided by Animal Encounters.
You can make your reservation for this Camels excursion by:
Tel: 0034 666 124776.
or by completing the simple form on their website home page at Animal Encounters.

A little point for the gentleman out there, it has been a long time since women were currency in Gran Canaria. Many have tried to sell their wives for a few Camels and failed. If you should want a few Camels you will have to pay for them in the usual way. If you are after losing your wife you will have to better than that.

For more information on Camels and safaris, there are lots of tourist information kiosks around or stop a tour rep and ask if they have any useful information they can give you.