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Driving Excursions in Gran Canaria

There are so many things to do while on holiday in Gran Canaria. There are so many things to see and lots of ways to see Gran Canaria and all it´s beauty. Under the watchful gaze of a guide, you can drive around Gran Canaria on a driving excursion. A driving excursion is a usually a tour of Gran Canaria, with you behind the wheel. It is not possible for us to give you information on every single driving excursion that is available, so we have compiled a short list to give you the general idea, of the type of driving excursion that is available on Gran Canaria.

A driving excursion will give you a day to remember. You will not only get the adrenaline rush as you drive around hairpin bends, that are perched on mountain sides overlooking deep ravines and valleys, but you will surely have the opportunity to capture many moments of your driving excursion on camera. If the idea of driving around Gran Canaria appeals to you, but you are not excited about driving a quad bike or buggy then you could consider hiring an ordinary car and organising your own driving excursion.