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Quad Safaris in Gran Canaria

Quad Safari Excursion in Gran CanariaWhat you do on your holiday can really impact on whether you have a good holiday or a great holiday, and Gran Canaria is no exception.

From all the contact that we have had with visitors to this incredible island in the sun, people really do seem to prefer excursions and activities that they can take part in, rather than just a simple visit to a museum or zoological park.

Gran Canaria has it all, and caters amply for all tastes. If you have a desire to do something that is going to give you an adrenaline rush as well as an amazing day out then you should be considering one of the many quad safaris that Gran Canaria has available for you.

What can you expect from a quad safaris?

Most of the quad safaris tours will take right into the very heart of the famous Fataga Canyons of Gran Canaria. In the Fataga Canyons you will discover a unique paradise that offers you a diversity of driving experiences that include dried up river beds (Gran Canaria once had more natural water than it does today) and hidden cactus trails, as you drive your quad through the deep impressive ravines of Gran Canaria.

You can organize your quad safaris through any of the following companies.

Tel: 0034 928777479
opening hours:
Mon. - Sat. 9.00 - 20.00
Sun. 9.00 - 18.00
email - Free Motion

Canarias eXtreme

Tel:0034 928943583

Canarias eXtreme offer a variety of different routes for you to enjoy with buggy or quad. Their buggy and quad safaris have exotic names like "Mirador Fatage", "Entre MontaƱas", "Dream Coast", "Mirador", "Western Journey", "Fataga Natural", and "The Challenger". With Four Routes for buggy safari, and 4 routes for quad safaris, they must surely have one that you will enjoy. For more information on their quad safaris and other excursions send an email to Canarias eXtreme