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Yellow Submarine, Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria

Local 389
Puerto de Mogán

Tel. 928 565108
Fax. 928 565048

Sailing times:

10,00 - 11,00 - 12,00 - 13,00 - 14,00 - 15,30 - 16,20 - 17,10.

The marine excursion aboard the Yellow Submarine not only gives you views below the sea level but you will also get to know the fishing village of Puerto de Mogán.

Yellow submarine in Gran CanariaThe Yellow Submarine is an exciting marine excursion. A marine excursion which will also give you information on the fishing village of Puerto de Mogán. Puerto de Mogán is a beautiful fishing village laid out like a small Venice, and often reffered to as Little Venice. Take advantage of the Yellow Submarine marine excursion and travel to the bottom of the sea inside, the authentic Yellow Submarine, based at Puerto de Mogán.

The Yellow Submarine marine excursion, is a rare opportunity to do something really different during your holiday in Gran Canaria. Puerto de Mogán is easily accessible, and the marine excursion offered by the Yellow Submarine, is an unforgettable experience. The Yellow Submarine marine excursion, will give you memories that you will be able to treasure and talk about for a very long time. All thanks to the opportunity offered by the Atlántida Submarino S.L. and their Yellow Submarine.

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Features of the Yellow Submarine

  • The Yellow Submarine offers you excellent views of the seabed thtough it´s fish eye windows.
  • The Yellow Submarine is air conditioned.
  • The Yellow Submarine is replete with a large interior cabin for the comfort of it´s passengers.
  • The Yellow Submarine has great manoeuvrability, thanks to it´s six electric, 20 horsepower motors.
  • The Yellow Submarine is equipped with television monitors. One monitor for every two passengers.
  • The Yellow Submarine has an oxygen reserve that is sufficient for three days.
  • The Yellow Submarine passes all the safety standards set out by the marine authorities.

Characteristics of the Yellow Submarine

  • The Yellow Submarine is 18.3 metres long.
  • The Yellow Submarine is 3.85 metres wide.
  • The Yellow Submarine weighs 108,000 kilogrammes,
  • The Capacity of the Yellow Submarine is 44 passengers and 2 pilots.
  • The Yellow Submarine has a dive depth of 20 - 25 metres.
  • The duration of the journey inside the Yellow Submarine is 40 - 45 minutes.