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Famous Canarians

Some of the pages in this section are extremely short, while others will go into a character into slightly more detail.

Countless is the number of Canarians that have triumphed in the peninsular: among the legions are the presenters, weather men and Recently singers are sweeping across the country (Rosana, Pedro Guerra and others) Also many notable islanders have studied in Madrid. By way of example we mention only a few who passed through the ancient halls of learning in Madrid.

Among the canarians who have swarmed and massed through the halls of this ancient body: Carlos Lucena, student of medicine, the famous Elfidio Alonso Hernández Araña, Sánchez Araña, Carlos Hernandez Millares, Fernando Gonzalez or the Benitez brothers, Who on there to Madrid from the Canary Islands gave out to their right and to their left packages of blonde (light) snuff tobacco.

To convey just one more example of how great has been the impact that the canarians have had on the peninsular, a few metres away from the "Congreso de Los Diputados" in Madrid, on "Calle Jovellanos" you will find "Hogar Canario" (home, or place of the Canarians).