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Agustin Betancourt Y Molina (1758 - 1824)

Agustin Betancourt Y Molina was born in 1758 in "Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)"

Agustin Betancourt Y Molina was one of the great engineers and glory of the Spanish sciences. He designed guns, studied the mines of Almadén and the Canal of Aragón, until he invented an optical telegraph. In 1808 Agustinovich Augustine Betancourt entered the service of Czar Alexander I, who, by the way liked the Canary Malmsey (the darkest sweetest type of madeira.

In these distant lands Agustin Betancourt Y Molina left many works including (bridges, buildings, canals) and founded the Institute of Ways of communication.
Agustin Betancourt Y Molina even built a factory to print pater money in St.Petersburg the city where he sadly died in 1824. If you go to Moscow, the central hall of the palace Manezh (170m long and 45 wide) is the work of Augustine Betancourt y Molina (he managed to acheive this, thanks to an ingenious system of interlocking beams.