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Carnival in Gran Canaria

In every corner of Gran Canaria Carnival is celebrated, but the celebrate Carnival most exuberantly in Las Palmas, San Bartolomé, Maspalomas, Agüimes, Agaete and Telde. In each of these towns the Carnival celebrations have their own trademark making them distinct from each other.

Carnival starts with Shrovetide, falling at the end of January and then the celebrations move around the island if Gran Canaria as the Carnival tours from town to town and only stop partying when the final night of the Carnival celebrations comes to a close and fades into tomorrow morning. For many revellers Carnival is a time for dressing up, Masquerades and pranks (and anything goes).

Carnival is prepared for all year, and in each town the Carnival celebrations begin with an opening speech. The staged events throughout every Carnival are filled with humour and irony and often televised. Alongside the main Carnival celebrations there is usually a bevy of different competitions not least of all, that of the Carnival. After the Carnival celebrations have finished many of the dresses worn for the Carnival queen competitions are displayed in shopping centres around the island.

Generally speaking the date of the Carnival moves to coincide with the Easter celebrations, and would usually finish at the end of Lent, but in the south, in Playa del Inglés the Carnival celebrations go on for a further weekend that is full of Carnival celebrations and parties based mainly around the Yumbo centre and carry on until the last person standing finally drops from exhaustion.

The funeral of the sardine each year, is traditionally a sacrifice to appease God and petition for a good fishing harvest. The funeral of the sardine is a real spectacle as you will see from the video. It is always accompanied by exuberant fireworks and brings the official Carnival celebrations to a close.