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Christmas in Gran Canaria

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve or "Nochebuena" is an important family event. You will find many if not all restaurants and shops operate shorter opening hours as everybody prepares to get together for the family meal on Christmas Eve.

You will have noticed perhaps, that Gran Canaria does not have chimneys or fireplaces and at first glance it may appear that the houses here have been designed to keep Father Christmas (Papa Noel) out. Not so, Father Christmas is a very clever old man and has adapted his way around the problem so that all the Canarian children get their Christmas gifts, Look out for Father Christmas scaling the walls of houses and hotels as he prepares to gain entry via balconies and open windows.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day or Navidad is quieter and more serene than Christmas day in England. This is the day for the family unit and not the wider family to celebrate Christmas. It is usual on Christmas day to receive 1 Christmas gift and often the Christmas gifts are not yet purchased for the main gift giving day. None of this is fixed and with Christmas being a very special time and flexible, it is possible to celebrate Christmas in Gran Canaria, with your own traditions without any problems. The village of Veneguera, which is near Mogán, every year stages a nativity play during the night on Christmas Day.