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New Year in Gran Canaria

As if this New Year needs any explanation, Beginning on Christmas Day and continuing all through the week there are parties going on all over the place and is if you haven't had enough already, New Year is a party to be reckoned with. If you can keep pace there is so much to enjoy, All over Las Palmas and all the major resorts you are not going to sleep much this night as the revellers carry you away with all the New Year celebrations.

The major resorts and some villages will have fireworks at midnight on New Year, and midnight also sees a strange custom. Drivers (well those that are still able) will get in their car and drive around the local streets honking their horn and the passengers will throw streamers at onlookers shouting over the noise "Feliz Año Nuevo" (Happy New Year). It is not unusual to be invited to share a New Year dinner with friends or family, and after dinner quite often there is a house crawl enjoying other New Year celebrations, as people move around collecting more friends and family as they go, until the last drop is drunk (however unlikely) or the last person falls over. If you are not living on Gran Canaria don't worry you wont be left out of the New Year celebrations all over the island the bars and restaurants will provide a New Year party, all you have to do is choose which bars you are going to. You will be actively encouraged to move around by other customers that are partying with you and you are likely to receive a bag full of goodies to help you celebrate, when midnight finally comes.

The bag will include 12 grapes to help you see in the New Year, which are to be eaten in time with the striking of the clock at midnight. This is a bit of a competition and you lose if you have the most grapes left over when the clock has finished striking. The men usually win this little diversion given that their mouths are generally bigger. Nursing that New Year hang over which undoubtedly you will have, (if not you didn't party nearly as hard as you could have done), you will wake up to the New Year and January leading quite nicely back into Kings Day.