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Gay Gran Canaria

I would like to start talking about gay Gran Canaria by letting families with children know, that whilst the Yumbo Centre is predominantly gay after 10PM until late, your children are safe. Many parents bring their children back year after year because they enjoy the atmosphere in the gay bars and they feel that the children are at no risk whatsoever. gay Gran Canaria is safe.

This could well turn out to be the longest page on the website. Where do you begin when you start to talk about gay and gay Gran Canaria. There is so much on offer it is perhaps easier to start with what is not available on gay Gran Canaria, however this would make for a very short page. We shall start by saying that the Yumbo Centre, is the focus of gay Gran Canaria

I once heard it said of Brighton in East Sussex that if you want it, you can get it there. Gay Gran Canaria takes that idea even further. If you can imagine it, you can find it on gay Gran Canaria. Gay Gran Canaria takes that idea to it's absolute limit and does the imagining for you. There are things available on gay Gran Canaria that you have never even thought of, or imagined before so there is plenty of reason to visit.

The focus of the gay entertainment and gay leisure, as many will already know is the Yumbo Centre in the resort of Playa del Ingl├ęs where there is almost every type of gay bar available, ranging from drag shows, aimed at everybody to Men Only gay bars. Be aware that if a gay bar describes itself as Men Only, it means just that. There have been competitions in the past where women have tried to get in dressed up as Gay men, just to see if they could get away with it, but I believe the record was 10 seconds and that resulted in them not even getting through the door.

The drag shows are more for family (well young adult entertainment) and will accept anybody as indeed, there are lots of gay bars around that will accept anybody (children not included after a certain time). Drag bars are located in the Yumbo Centre. We might mention that in the drag bars on Gay Gran Canaria most of the performers themselves are gay. Perhaps you could set up a competition between yourselves to work out which is which. The only thing is one of you is going to have to be brave enough to ask.

Gay Gran Canaria has "Jackies bar" which is a dedicated "Lesbian" bar that accepts patronage from Gay men, much the same as lots of the gay bars that are around Gay Gran Canaria will accept Lesbians. If you happen to be gay and want to catch some rays around some other like minded gay men, then you should head for the sand dunes of Maspalomas where you can catch some sun, relax, and maybe enjoy a little light relief as well. You should know, that while the sand dunes of Maspalomas are not strictly nudist or gay, most people are naked and the dunes are not very far away from the nudist beaches.

Much of the gay entertainment in Gay Gran Canaria goes on until very late, even to the very late early hours of the following day, (Once inside these gay bars you are resposible for waking the sun) and the majority of these are Men Only gay bars. Along with the sand dunes there are also a lot of gay cruising areas on Gay Gran Canaria but we currently do not have a section giving you information on these. If you are interested in the gay cruising areas on Gay Gran Canaria, while you are out and about enjoying the nightlife offered by the gay bars, you will certainly find someone who will be happy to share what they know with you.

A big part of the gay scene in Gay Gran Canaria is the amount of "Men Only" complexes, many of which are open to gay men not residing there and will charge an entrance fee. Once inside these gay complexes, many have their own rules and you should check with the management as to what those rules are before you pay. Many gay complexes hold special events and offer parties and barbecues, almost all gay complexes will have a bar, that will be open along with other facilities.

A big part of Gay Gran Canaria is the Yumbo Centre and the quantity of gay discos and gay nightclubs which are open to everyone, but be warned they don't start till late and close even later. Gay Gran Canaria also has a few Gay Saunas available for the interest of gay men only. Not all of these are located in the south. In fact some of the scene in Gay Gran Canaria is located in Las Palmas, and if you have time to travel to Las Palmas it may be worth checking out what's available in the north.

In this section you will find information on the various gay establishments that are available on Gay Gran Canaria.