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Drag bars in Gran Canaria

Drag bars and drag shows in Gran Canaria, could easily fit into many sections of this website but we have decided to place drag shows inside the Gay section. A difficult choice because this form of entertainment appeals to families, as much as, it attracts the Gay holiday maker. Thus making Drag bars and drag shows, attractive, to a wider section of the Tourist industry, far more than just the gay holiday maker. Before allowing children to watch the drag shows you may want to see them first. While many of the drag shows are just good humoured fun, as the evening progresses, you may find that some of the humour contained in the drag shows can get a little close to the mark, and you may decide that the drag show you have just seen, is not suitable after a certain time. All the drag shows in Gran Canaria are extremely popular, with many of the drag bars having different drag shows for your entertainment and enjoyment, every night of the week. The drag shows are the principal attraction but many of the drag bars have other entertaunment, like karaoke, for you to enjoy before the main drag shows get started. Many of the Drag bars and drag shows are found in the mainly Gay areas of Gran Canaria. You will find the majority of the drag bars located in the Yumbo Centre. Whether you are staying in Maspalomas, Puerto Rico or Playa del Inglés, you will find the Yumbo Centre easily accessible. Below you will find a list of links that will give you information on the Drag bars and drag shows that are available on Gran Canaria. is not responsible for any of the information contained in these pages. Gay Gran Canaria has many Drag bars and drag shows to offer but note that Drag bar doesn't always mean that there are drag shows, so choose well to avoid being disappointed. Whichever drag shows you choose to watch, we know you will be entertained and finish your holiday, wanting to return to Gran Canaria as soon as possible. The Yumbo Centre and all the drag shows and drag bars are easily accessible from the major tourist centres of Maspalomas, Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés.