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Gay Nightclubs in Gran Canaria

Gay Nightclubs is a bit misleading because the Gay Nightclubs will accept anybody and everybody. You will find the majority of the Gay Nightclubs offered by Gay Gran Canaria are located around the Yumbo Centre and Cita Centre, which form the focus of Gay Gran Canaria and are located in Playa del Inglés. You will find that the clientele of the Gay Nightclubs are mainly Gay men and Lesbians. Usually the atmosphere and the services offered are what you would expect from any nightclub, except the people you meet in the Gay Nightclubs, while enjoying your holiday in gay Gran Canaria, are likely to be a little more colourful.

Gay Nightclubs are pretty much the same as each other, but you will find the opening and closing times of the Gay Nightclubs are staggered. It is easy to party the entire night away as you can tour all the Gay Nightclubs in the Yumbo Centre during one night. As one Gay Nightclub closes another opens, so you just move along, but be aware that as time moves on the prices do get a little more expensive. Whether you are staying in Maspalomas, Puerto Rico or, Playa del Inglés, you will find that, the Gay Nightclubs and, the Yumbo Centre are easily accessible. Below you will find a list of links giving you information on the different Gay Nightclubs available on gay Gran Canaria. is not responsible for any of the information contained in these pages. The Gay Nightclubs are just another jewel in the crown of Gay Gran Canaria, and we know that, if you like the atmosphere and entertainment offered by Gay Nightclubs, then in this section, you are definitely going to find Gay Nightclubs that you will enjoy while you are on holiday in gay Gran Canaria. We hope that you enjoy your holiday in gay Gran Canaria and will want to visit the island again and again. The Gay Nightclubs, the Yumbo Centre and the Cita Centre, are all, easily accessible from the major tourist centres of Maspalomas, Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés.