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Car Mechanics in Gran Canaria

Mechanic in Gran CanariaGood car mechanics are worth their weight in gold. Many English Expats have decided to live and work in Gran Canaria and have bought their trades and skills with them, including car mechanics. As with all tradesmen, even car mechanics, it is often better to go with a verbal recommendation. It is a good idea to ask others for advice before you trust your car to car mechanics. A mistake in your choice of car mechanics, can be very expensive. If you don't speak Spanish then it may be better for you to find, English or English speaking car mechanics. It is possible to find good car mechanics that are reasonably priced, if you start your search for car mechanics, among those that are self employed, and working within the constraints of a repair shop.

Below you will find a list of links that will provide you with information on different car mechanics available in Gran Canaria. is not responsible for any of the information contained in these pages, neither are we recommending all or any of the individual car mechanics found in this section. Choose your car mechanics carefully, so you don't find yourself out of pocket or disappointed. Do your homework, and help make your life in Gran Canaria smooth and stress free.