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Emergency Services in Gran Canaria

At home or on holiday while you take every precaution you can, it is not always possible, to avoid having an emergency. If you do find the need to contact the emergency services, in Gran Canaria, the telephone number is 112. You should make a note of it just in case you do need the emergency services. At the earliest possible opportunity, you should make sure that you have someone with you, who is able to translate, especially if the emergency happens to be medical. Of course what may seem like an emergency, may just need a trip to a local police station, or perhaps a doctor, and in this section we are going to give you information on hospitals and police stations, and where to find them. If you need any further assistance, the British Consulate is on hand to help you. If you wish to make a note of more of the services, offered by the British Consulate, follow this link, British Consulate

We hope that while this is essential information, you will never need to use it. In case you don´t have access to translation services and really need help, following is information regarding the British Consulate.

Consular representation: British Consul British Consulate Edificio Cataluña, Luis Morote 6-3 35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Tel: (0034) 928 26 25 08/928 26 26 58 Fax: 928 26 77 74 Email:

Public office hours: Winter: 8.00 – 13.30 Summer: 8.00 – 13.00. hopes that you never experience an emergency and never need the emergency services on Gran Canaria but if you do we hope you find the information contained in this section of the website really useful to you.