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Ambulance Service In Gran Canaria

Ambulances in Gran CanariaTo use the ambulance service in Gran Canaria you need to know that the emergency number is 112, which can be dialled from any telephone. Whether you need the ambulance service for a personal emergency or you need to report an accident, above all, remember to stay calm, know exactly where you are, and when you are speaking on the telephone, talk clearly. Ring the emergency number 112, and an NHS ambulance will be sent to you, and will take you to an NHS hospital.

Remember that it is going to be extremely helpful to you, when using the ambulance service, or speaking with the ambulance service on the telephone, to obtain a translator as soon as you can, as not all these hospitals will have translators available. In fact the ambulance crew may also not be able to speak English.

If you posess medical insurance then show the ambulance crew who will then take you to a private hospital.

All information on this page was supplied by Mary Beresford-Jones RGN (London)
No. Colegiado 671 (Spanish nursing registration), of :-

British Medical Clinic
Avenida Tomas Roca Bosch 4
Puerto Rico 35130
Gran Canaria
Tel 0034 928 560016

JustGran hopes that you will never need to use the ambulance service while you are in Gran Canaria but emergencies sometimes simply cannot be avoided and should you need to use the ambulance service then we hope this information has been useful to you.