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Police Service in Gran Canaria

Police Station in Gran CanariaWe hope you never need to use the police but if you do here is some information that you may find useful. We are going to concentrate on The local police in the resort areas of Maspalomas and Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria.

To contact the police in Gran Canaria if it is an emergency dial 091, this can be dialled from any phone.

To contact the police, to make a report that is not an emergency, you have two options available to you, you can turn up at the police station:

Puerto Rico police station is located at the edge of the park that leads to the beach, next to the Atlantic medical clinic on "avenida Mogán".

Maspalomas police station is located next to the Eurocenter in Playa del Inglés

There are many circumstances when you may need a police report: Your passport has been lost or stolen, you have been robbed and need to make a claim on insurance.

You need to be aware that all reports here are filed in Spanish and if the police cannot understand you they WILL NOT MAKE THE REPORT. Occasionally they have a translator to assist you but don´t assume. If you need to go to the police station it is better to have a translator with you, unless you can speak fluent Spanish.

All is not lost however, the police do have a multilingual office, you speak with them, and they will translate your report for you and send it to the police station. You will be given a report number, that the police will use to locate the report on their system. Don´t lose it, it is very important. If you do lose it you may have to start again. It is easier to use this service while you are at the police station if you can, but if you have to call the multilingual office to make a report without going to the police station you can. You will be given the reference number and told to go to the police station to collect the report.

To contact the multilingual office dial 902 102112 and ask for English.

Las Palmas
Playa del Inglés
Santa Brigida
Santa María de Guía
Vega de San Mateo

The other thing that is very important to remember, is that in no circumstance should you get angry, argue, lose your temper or shout at the police. You will regret it! All matters concerning the police can take time as they do in the UK, so please above all remain patient and calm. If you need extra help you do have the British Consulate

to fall back on who are always there to help you. hopes that you never have the need to use the services of the police or attend a police station while you are in Gran Canaria, but if you do have an emergency and need to contact the police, then we hope this information has been useful to you.