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Medical Services in Gran Canaria

Medical services in Gran CanariaOne thing you just cannot avoid is being ill, whether you are at home or on holiday in Gran Canaria. However if you do fall ill on holiday it can be a very traumatic experience. In this section of the website you will find information on doctors, dentists, hospitals and chemists. you will also find information on things that you are able to do yourself to make things a little safer and easier.

Mary from the British Medical Clinic based in Puerto Rico has very kindly prepared some helpful hints and tips for us to include on this website, like :-

  • What to do to avoid sunburn and steps you can take to treat it
  • How to beat the mosquitoes
  • How to prevent a hangover, or at least limit the damage
  • Hints and tips for mums travelling with babies
  • How you should deal with medication, especially if you need a regular prescription

All designed to help you get the best out of your time on Gran Canaria.

Dr Paul Beresford Jones and Mary Beresford Jones run a very busy medical clinic based in Puerto Rico in the south of Gran Canaria. You will find more information about them and their clinic in the doctors section of the website.

You may also need a dentist, you cannot enjoy your holiday if you are suffering toothache, or perhaps you will need to visit a hospital, all this information will be found in the medical section of the website while we hope that you wont need it, if you do, we trust that the information will be useful to you. hope that you will not need to use either a doctor, dentist, hospital or chemist while you are on Gran Canaria but if you do then we hope all this information has been beneficial for you, and easy to use.