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Chemists in Gran Canaria

Chemist in Gran Canaria with green cross signThe local chemists 'Farmacia' in Gran Canaria, are recognisable by a green cross sign and will have just about anything you may require. There is always one open after hours in each area. The location of the 'duty' chemist is indicated on every chemist's door.

Do not confuse a Farmacia with a Para farmacia. Para farmacias are like health food stores and although the treatments can be useful, it can be costly if you ask for a treatment for a urine infection (for example) and should be taking antibiotics.


You can buy a lot of things over the counter in the chemists in Gran Canaria that you may not be able to in the UK without a prescription. The safest way is to take your original box to one of the chemists - farmacias. They will then supply you with the Spanish alternative. If you are in any doubt, then your nearest clinic can issue you a prescription. UK prescriptions are not valid in Gran Canaria but it is a good idea to keep a copy of your repeat prescriptions with your passports, in case of emergency.

When you are in Gran Canaria you need prescriptions for antibiotics and most types of sleeping tablets or benzodiazepines, these cannot be purchased over the counter from the chemists like many other medicines.

With all prescriptions, you will pay the cost of the medication which is often much cheaper than the UK prescription charge.

You should still see a doctor for all the general checks and not use the "over the counter" availability of medications to reduce the amount of times you see your doctor. Doctors need to check you and the affects that medications may be having on your body.

If you do not speak Spanish, then don't worry, as most of the chemists are able to talk with you in some English, especially the chemists around the major resorts. In other sections of this website we have included the facility for local businesses, and self employed people, to tell you about themselves, and advertise their services, but, by law it is not possible for the chemists to advertise themselves, or their services, therefore, we are only able to provide below, a list of links, that will provide you with information on, where some of the different chemists are located, including a map of where to find them.

Castillo del Romeral
El Tablero
La Aldea de San Nicolas
Las Palmas
Playa del Inglés
Puerto Rico
Puerto de Mogan
San Agustín
Santa Brigida
Vega de San Mateo is not responsible for any of the information contained in these pages. We hope you have a wonderful time on Gran Canaria and do so without the need to use the services of any of the chemists.