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Agaete is in the northwest of Gran Canaria, some 30 km from the capital Las Palmas and is situated in the mountains and surrounded by valleys.

Farmlands are within the coastline of Agaete while the mountains lie to the east.

Agaete is a typical fishing village and the economy in Agaete has been based historically on agriculture and fishing. In recent decades, tourism has become the most important sector.

Whitewashed houses in Agaete A typical street in AgaeteAgaete is noted for the splendour of it's whitewashed houses in the village which contrast with the backdrop of the mountains that surround the town.

Around the beach area in Agaete there are numerous restaurants. One of the most popular dishes in Agaete is a traditional canarian dish called, "Caldo de Pescado" (fish soup) and it is served in all the restaurants.

Iglesia de la ConcepciónAgaete celebrated it's 500th anniversary in 1981.  Despite the age of Agaete, it doesn't have many historical sites to visit. The oldest building you'll find in Agaete is the "Iglesia de la Concepción" (Church of the Conception) which dates back to 1875 and can be found in the main square of Agaete named "Plaza de la Constitución". Agaete church stands on the site of an earlier church which was destroyed by fire.

Nearby, you'll find a small botanical garden "Huerto de las Flores" where there are are many varieties of flora from all over the world, including species of Canarian and sub-tropical flora.

Fishing boats in Puerto de las Nieves. Agaete port.Agaete has a small picturesque port, called "Puerto de las Nieves" (Port of the snows). Being a fishing village, you'll not be surprised to see many fishing boats moored in Agaete harbour. The harbour in Agaete is very clean and the water crystal clear, so clear in fact, that you can see, even the tiniest fish swimming. A regular ferry service to Santa Cruz in Tenerife also operates from Puerto de las Nieves.

Agaete live webcam at Puerto de las Nieves,

Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves The ferry from Agaete, to Tenerife

The ferry service from Agaete to Tenerife operates 7 days a week with 6 crossings during weekdays and 4 crossings at weekends. The crossing from Agaete to Tenerife takes about 1 hour.

Dedo de Dios (the symbol of Agaete) after tropical storm Delta Dedo de Dios (the symbol of Agaete) before tropical storm DeltaAgaete is famous for a rocky formation which rises from the sea just off the coast called "Dedo de Dios" which translates as "Finger of God". During tropical storm Delta in 2005, the uppermost part of this structure was destroyed.

Ermita de las NievesOne of the major fiestas of the island of Gran Canaria is, without a doubt, la Fiesta de La Rama in Agaete. La Fiesta de la Rama is the main fiesta of Agaete, held in honour of Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows), which was declared a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest in 1972.

August 5th in Agaete is the main fiesta in honour of the Virgin Mary, but August 4th is when the Fiesta de La Rama is held, when thousands of dancers go through Agaete waving palm branches in the air to the rhythm of the two municipal bands as far as the sanctuary of la Virgen de Las Nieves.

View from Ermita de las NievesThe Fiesta de La Rama, according to those who have studied it, may have a similar meaning to the rain dance ceremony of the native Canary Islands inhabitants (the Guanches, who brought palm branches down from the mountain of Tirma, with which, to hit the sea while they sang songs asking God for rain. In the modern-day Fiesta de la Rama of Agaete the branches are not used for hitting the sea, but are offered to the Virgin Mary.

Valley surrounding the village of AgaeteThe second major fiesta in Agaete is held on the 8th of December: the Fiesta de la Concepción which is the parish fiesta.

The Fiesta of San Pedro in Agaete is held on June 29th in el Valle de Agaete, and here also, the central part of the events, is the Bajada de La Rama from el Pinar de Tamadaba to the district of San Pedro on June 28th.

The Carnival is also a great tradition in Agaete, with the Burial of the Sardine as it´s highlight.