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Arguineguín (Guanche for "quiet water"), is one of the most populated areas along the south coast of Gran Canaria. Arguineguín is a typical Canarian fishing village, and is home to many locals rather than being a tourist resort, although it does have a selection of hotels. One of which, called Anfi del Mar (a time share hotel) has a number of hotels very close together and a lovely heart shaped beach which is open to everyone. It is part of the municipality of Mogán and is located southwest of Las Palmas.

Arguineguín at sunsetArguineguín has several bars and restaurants, the latter specialising in fresh fish caught the same day. You could head for a restaurant called El Pajar, which is very famous all over the island of Gran Canaria for it's fresh fish dishes, and attracts many people from all over Gran Canaria to Arguineguín. It only serves fish so don't go if you are looking for steak. It is very popular and it's customers are served on a first come first served basis through a ticket system. Get there early or be prepared to wait. However if you do have to wait, be patient, it is well worth it. Tuesday is market day (the largest on the island). Arguineguín features a beach and a port.

Find out when and where Arguineguín market is held.

Statue of La Pescadora in Arguineguin
As you travel around Gran Canaria you will notice the wide variety of decorations found on the roundabouts. Some are planted to a high standard, others have bronze statues and water features. While driving through Arguineguín look out for the whale tail roundabout. If it is possible to park the car, it is a photo opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

The Norwegians have especially taken the fishing village of Arguineguín into their hearts, and the Norwegian population is quite large here in the winter time. This might also account for the Norwegian school, Norwegian church and a Norwegian health centre that are all located in or just outside of Arguineguín.

Bird's eye view of ArguineguínThere is also a Norwegian doctor's office - located at the marketplace in Arguineguín - and a big Norwegian-owned timeshare holiday resort named Anfi del Mar, located just outside of Arguineguín.

The harbour at Arguineguín hosts a ferry service to Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán whilst another popular way to reach the town from Puerto Rico is by trekking over the mountain between the two towns. Arguineguín also lies on several public bus routes offering convenient services to other towns on the island. Arguineguín is also served by the GC1 motorway with a nearby interchange.

Fiesta of Virgen del Carmen held in ArguineguinThe main fiesta of Arguineguín is that of Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of Gran Canaria, and is held on 16th July. There are other carnivals throughout the year on dates which vary.