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Castillo del Romeral - A Fishing Village in Gran Canaria

Castillo del Romeral is a fishing village. Fishing is something you will still see and read about on the island and it is really no surprise, given that historically, fishing was the basis of trade between the Guanches and a principal source of food. Today in Castillo del Romeral, fish is still, caught and served locally. Castillo del Romeral is known throughout Gran Canaria for the quality of the fish caught here. Fishing is still extremely important to this day and every single day in Castillo del Romeral you will see fisherman doing their thing, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Castillo del Romeral PromenadeCastillo del Romeral is located on the south east coast of Gran Canaria. It is a mere 15 minutes drive from Playa del Inglés and well worth a visit if you want to spend some time with the locals on their own turf. Castillo del Romeral is probably the closest Canarian village to the major tourist centres of Maspalomas, and Playa del Inglés.

Castillo del Romeral means Pilgrims Castle and just over a hundred years ago fishing village, used to have just such a castle, which was built to protect Gran Canaria from illegal immigrants, who still arrive in some numbers to this day, from the continent of Africa. You can still see to this day remnants of the castle which once stood grand and proud on the coastline at Castillo del Romeral.

Natural sea water poolsCastillo del Romeral has many natural sea water swimming pools enjoyed by locals and tourists alike and close to these pools you will of course find friendly and welcoming restaurants and bars. Las Salinas, Mama Gata and La Marina to name but a few. All of the restaurants in the village serve locally caught fresh fish and it is worth asking what the specials are, for the day. Treat yourself to some of the delicacies that are available.

After your meal it is almost a tradition in Castillo del Romeral to wash everything down with a Carajillo, pronounced "Ka-ra-hee-yo". It is an espresso coffee with a shot of the local Arehucas rum. Be careful though, especially if you are driving as the first coffee is usually fairly tame but the more you have the stronger they get until you are no longer drinking, coffee and rum, but rather rum and coffee. You will find this treat served all over the island, so after any meal just ask your waiter. They will be so impressed you know what a carajillo is, and will be delighted to serve you with as many as you can handle.

Castillo del Romeral harbourCastillo del Romeral has a wide variety of buildings and building styles and is now home to many foreigners, who have chosen to make Gran Canaria their home. Despite the influx of foreign residents, Castillo del Romeral maintains the atmosphere of a canarian fishing village. Castillo del Romeral is very open and welcoming to the foreign residents and because of this, they come from all over Europe, even from as far away as Russia.

Castillo del Romeral has a number of sporting facilities as well, including a swimming pool, a 1000 seater football stadium which is home to the local club, currently enjoying it's place in the equivalent of the second division. You will find a petanque court and of course many water sports which of course happen in and around the local harbour at Castillo del Romeral.

Castillo del Romeral PromenadeDuring the summer months Castillo del Romeral enjoys a little more wind than Playa del Inglés or Puerto Rico so you will be more comfortable lying in the sun, topping up that all important tan. Don't be fooled into thinking you can stay in the sun any longer though, you will still need that sun block to remain safe. There is an ample amount of parking in Castillo del Romeral, and most of it, close to the beach front, so when you arrive you wont have far to walk before you are able to just lie back and take it all in. Of course many of the bars and restaurants are all within walking distance as well. So park up, relax and enjoy yourself in Castillo del Romeral.

If you do visit by car, Castillo del Romeral is only 10 minutes drive away from Vecindario which is a very busy local town and full of shopping opportunities.