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La Isleta, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

La Isleta is the old fisherman's quarter of Las Palmas and is to the northern end of Playa de las Canteras.

As you look at a map of Gran Canaria La Isleta is the piece that looks tagged on as an afterthought at the far north eastern corner of Gran Canaria.

La Isleta is built on very steep terrain and owing to it's age features narrow streets, many of which are lined with street sellers peddling their wares alongside small shops, bars and restaurants. La Isleta also has an important Spanish naval base.

Castillo de la Luz on La <strong />Isleta</strong> in Las PalmasThe centre of the La Isleta district of Las Palmas is formed by a lively square called Plaza Manuel Beccera. Plaza Manuel Beccera square in La Isleta is bordered by a lighthouse on one side and the harbour gate on the other.

The oldest fortress in Gran Canaria can be found in La Isleta on it's southern shore very near to the harbour. The fortress is called Castillo de la Luz, any wonder then that the port built later should also take the same name, Puerto de la Luz.

La Isleta, a small peninsular, is separated from the mainland of Gran Canaria by a small, narrow inlet. The port (Puerto de la Luz) which is found near the fortress Castillo de la Luz on the southern View of Las Palmas from La <strong />Isleta</strong> shore of La Isleta is one of the most important in Europe. The port (Puerto de la Luz) on the southern tip of La Isleta is the last docking station for ships on their way to America from Europe and many actually stop here to refuel. Southern America was populated from the Canary Islands, and historically a law was passed that stated, no ship that had docked in Las Palmas Harbour could set sail, unless it had on board at least five Canarian families that were leaving the islands to relocate to the Americas.

Puerto de la Luz with La <strong />Isleta</strong> in the backgroundPuerto de la Luz was originally built to provide jobs for the local population and has since become the main container shipment harbour for the Northern regions of Africa. Puerto de la Luz has been vital to the prosperity of the region of La Isleta, and Gran Canaria as a whole, and continues to be so as it receives around 1000 ships each month. Often when travelling to or from Las Palmas using the GC1, the main artery that connects Las Palmas in the north to Puerto Rico in the south, you will see many container ships, ocean liners, and even oil rigs, lined up waiting to dock.

Las Palmas live webcams from Real Club Náutico 1
Las Palmas live webcams from Real Club Náutico 1

Attached to the southern shore of La Isleta is the Real Club Náutico (the Royal Sailing Club). It is from here, that every year, the International Atlantic Crossing regattas set sail.