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Triana, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Along with Vegueta, Triana is one of the oldest parts of Las Palmas, and where Vegueta has a lot of government buildings and services, Triana has become one of the main commercial centres in Las Palmas, particularly since the pedestrianisation of Calle Mayor, the main street in Triana.

Triana now boasts the whole range of shops from tiny old fashioned shops, restaurants (of course), big chain and department stores and upmarket boutiques. If you look above, eye level, rather than at the shops themselves, while you are walking through Triana you will see some truly amazing architecture.

Calle Mayor in <strong />Triana</strong>Triana contrasts from Vegueta in it's overall ambience. Where Vegueta has narrow streets, and older, more imposing buildings, lending it a foreboding, and perhaps middle ages feel, Triana offers it's visitors more space and a more local feel. It was at Triana that Danish, English Maltese, and Andalucian trading families settled over time. This is also the very reason that you will see throughout Triana a mixture of modern architecture, and buildings that date back as far as the 18th century. Despite having a stretch of modern houses at the start of Calle Mayor in Triana this whole area has recently been declared a national historic monument. While walking through Triana spend some time looking at your feet and you will see evidence of past transportation systems that the city of Las Palmas employed. Recent works in Triana, uncovered a section of tram track from a tram line that ran through the commercial district of Triana, connecting the area to the rest of Las Palmas, today the tram line is covered with glass containing a plaque and is now permanently on show.

Teatro Pérez GaldósThe southern area of Triana is home to the Mercado Publico, and opposite you will find the Teatro Pérez Galdós which is named after the famous author. Sadly the theatre looks a little neglected from the outside, but once inside, it is a different building altogether. It is lush, and welcomes you with it's opulence and stunning interior decorations. Don't worry about being late it has an auditorium for 1400 people so there is plenty of room for everyone. This important building in Triana is the best theatre in Las Palmas and one of the best in the Canary Islands. Close by, on the corner of Calle Cano and Calle Peregrina you will find the Pérez Galdós House Museum.

Gabinete Literario in the Plazoleta de Cairasco in <strong />Triana</strong>Near the Pérez Galdós House Museum you will come across another charming little square in Triana called the Plazoleta de Cairasco. At the northern end of the square you will find the Gabinete Literario. A building with rather a chequered history. It was constructed in 1842 originally as a theatre and then in 1894 it was turned into a club. Today, this important building in Triana houses a literary society, plus a restaurant and cafe that has lovely shaded terrace. Also in this corner of Las Palmas you will find the really grand building of the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales which is commonly known as CICCA (translated means Centre of cultural initiatives). In Triana, you will also find the Hotel Madrid, one of the oldest hotels in Las Palmas. You can order meals and drinks here until very late at night and all are served under beautiful, swaying palm trees.