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Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria

Puerto de Mogán can be found on the west coast of Gran Canaria and is sometimes referred to as Playa de Mogán. The original Puerto de Mogán is still very much there and hasn't changed much over time as there isn't much space for development. Quaint and colourful houses form a maze of streets filled with flowers and trees, lending Puerto de Mogán a truly charming and relaxed ambience.

To the far side of Puerto de Mogán the streets become small waterways. This area of Puerto de Mogán is often referred to as little Venice. Slightly more inland from Puerto de Mogán is the original fishing village built into the mountain, and on the beach front a luxury marina full of local boats, yachts and Atlantic cruisers.

Bird's eye view of Puerto de <strong />Mogán</strong> Around the Puerto de Mogán harbour there's a vast choice of restaurants and bars. Of course the restaurants, like the restaurants found in Castillo del Romeral serve locally caught fresh fish, and some of these restaurants in Puerto de Mogán are among the best fish restaurants on the island of Gran Canaria.

Puerto de <strong />Mogán</strong> harbourSouvenir shops in Puerto de Mogán sell more hand crafted goods and although you can find mass produced Gran Canaria souvenirs here you will not find as many as there are available in Playa del Inglés or other larger tourist resorts on the island.

You will never have the impression you are in a tourist resort whilst in Puerto de Mogán. Puerto de Mogán has a more Spanish, local feel about it.

Colourful display of flowers growing from the houses in the villagePuerto de Mogán is a perfect setting for the beach and the various marine excursions that leave from here, the Yellow Submarine for example and other boat tours. Not forgetting the ferry that travels between Puerto de Mogán and Puerto Rico daily.

Puerto de Mogán has a very nice hotel and a lot of private buildings that have been given over to holiday apartments, so, a tourist resort it is, but because it is that much smaller and in appearance looks exactly the way it has for years, Puerto de Mogán is positively charming.

Colourful display of flowers growing from the houses in the villageThere are changes taking place though, and it is going to mean that Puerto de Mogán will expand and develop it's attraction to holiday makers. For example all along the Puerto de Mogán beach now, there are bars and shops and there are some residential apartments being built. Further inland there are one or two luxury hotels being built. They will have their own grounds and possibly one will have a beach.

Every Friday morning, one of the many markets of Gran Canaria is held in Puerto de Mogán, this market, is mainly for the tourists that are in the area. All in all, Puerto de Mogán, is very well worth a visit. Puerto de Mogán is one of the special treats that Gran Canaria has to offer.

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