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Santa Brígida, Gran Canaria

Santa Brígida pioneered tourism on the island of Gran Canaria. As far back as the 1800's the British were coming to Santa Brígida on health holidays, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the clean air.

Santa Brígida happens to be now, a very exclusive residential area. The streets of Santa Brígida meander gently through Eucalyptus trees, villas and beautiful gardens. Many of the villas in Santa Brígida are stately, and built in a variety of architectural styles.

View of Las Palmas from <strong />Santa Brígida</strong> Santa Brígida lies 14 kilometres to the southwest of Las Palmas and at a height of 520 metres above sea level from some vantage points, you get an incredible view right across the city of Las Palmas, as it sprawls all the way down to the worlds 4th largest sea port. Due to the advantages of having freshwater supplies, and very fertile lands owing to the cooler climate at Santa Brígida, during the colonisation process after the castillian conquest, Santa Brígida was the first municipality to be incorporated.

Find out when and where Santa Brigída market is held.

<strong />Santa Brígida</strong> churchThe old centre of Santa Brígida houses the parish church the "Iglesia de Santa Brígida". This site was the place of the very first chapel to be built in Santa Brígida in 1524 and due to population growth the little chapel was augmented and reclassified as a church in 1697.

The church de Santa Brígida was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1897 and was then rebuilt 7 years later in 1904 in a Gothic style. The tower, which was built in 1756 is the only remaining part of the original church still standing today.

Caldera de Bandama close to <strong />Santa Brígida</strong>Very close to Santa Brígida you can see for yourself proof of previous volcanic activity on Gran Canaria, by visiting the Caldera (crater) of Bandama in the municipality of Santa Brígida. Stand on the edge of the volcanic crater and take in the amazing views or take the opportunity to descend inside the crater for about 200 meters and marvel at the fact that the place you are in is 4 million years old. Enough to make you feel quite insignificant in the whole grand scheme of things. All around this impressively scenic area of the municipality of Santa Brígida you will see fine examples of palm groves and dragon trees. In recent years scientists have discovered a new species of dragon tree which only grows on the island of Gran Canaria and can be seen clinging to rock faces around the island.

The slopes of Bandama are also home to the Real Club de Golf (Royal Golf Club) which incidentally was Spain's first golf club and was founded by the British colony who settled on the island of Gran Canaria, towards the end of the nineteenth century, which makes the club now over one hundred years old. Wine making at Monte LentiscalAround the base of the crater you will find an area of the municipality of Santa Brígida called Monte Lentiscal famous for it's wine making. It was famous during the time that the Canaries were major wine producers and enjoying large exports to the European marketplace. Still making wine today this would be a place of real interest to wine fanciers of all levels, even those who just simply like drinking wine, there are wine tastings to be had. The municipality of Santa Brígida is a whole world away from the hustle and bustle of the south with it's bars, restaurants, entertainment, and nightclubs, but if you really want to get to know Gran Canaria and what the island is really about then the municipality and town of Santa Brígida should definitely not be missed.