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Vecindario, Gran Canaria

Vecindario is a modern town in the east of Gran Canaria and can be found on the west side of the GC1 motorway, halfway between Playa del Inglés and Gran Canaria international airport.

Vecindario appears to be a secret Gran Canaria wants to keep. We are going to share it with you. Vecindario is not short on parks and areas for children to play and is well worth a visit even if it's just because you want to see how and where today's locals live and take advantage of the excellent shopping that is available.

<strong />Vecindario</strong> town centre, Gran CanariaBeing a modern town, Vecindario has little of interest, by way of architectural finesse, museums, and it is found wanting, in terms of historical interest, however it is a shoppers paradise. Also Find out when and where Vecindario market is held.

When you get to Vecindario be sure to have your purse or credit card handy. Vecindario is simply full of restaurants and bars serving a real mixed bag of styles including: traditional Canarian food, Indian, Chinese, Italian and of course the burger chains like McDonalds.

Atlántico shopping centre <strong />Vecindario</strong>, Gran CanariaLook for Avenida Canarias. It is one of the main roads running the length of Vecindario and is lined with shops and restaurants from end to end. To walk up and down without stopping for a look is going to take a couple of hours so make sure you have plenty of time. There are three big commercial centres in Vecindario, the most well known being the Atlántico shopping centre, which contains lots of shops and many have gift ideas but the better gifts can be bought outside the centre if you go exploring.

The Atlántico shopping centre also has a multi screen cinema Atlántico shopping centre <strong />Vecindario</strong>, Gran Canariaand you will need to check the cinema for up to date information. The best part of all is, Vecindario is easily accessed by bus or taxi from Playa del Inglés, and because it is away from the main tourist resorts the prices are lower and that means there are real bargains to be had.

One point to remember, when you go shopping in Vecindario or anywhere in Gran Canaria outside the tourist areas: if you intend to use a credit card, it is essential to take your passport or photo driving licence with you. The majority of shops will ask you for identification when you present your card, and if you do not have it to hand, some will make you look for a cash machine, or simply refuse to accept the sale.

Near to Vecindario is a beach called Pozo Izquierdo which is famous all over the world for hosting the world windsurfing championships which are held there every July. Pozo Izquierdo is also home to the "Cento de Interpretacion Maritima" (Maritime interpretation centre).