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Living In Gran Canaria

Living in Gran Canaria can be very rewarding and exciting, and for many people the realisation of a dream come true.

However, there are those that don´t think it through and the dream can turn sour very quickly, all because they didn´t take time to prepare, and we would like to help you avoid this.

Throughout this section we will try and impart to you all the necessary preparations you need to make to ensure that the transition from living in England to living in Gran Canaria, goes as smoothly as possible.

For instance:

  • How you prepare your pets for living in Gran Canaria, so that they can travel, safely and securely.
  • We will share links to companies that will help you move furniture that you would like to bring.
  • How you claim your pension, if you are retired and living in Gran Canaria.
  • How you open a bank account.
  • information about the double tax agreement which exists between Spain and the UK and what that means to you while you are living in Gran Canaria.
  • Buying a property in Gran Canaria.
  • All you need to know about cars, driving and your driving licence.
  • Settling you, and your family into your new home, and country, so that you get the most out of living in Gran Canaria.
  • Voting rights, and elections for expats living in Gran Canaria.
  • Healthcare, and benefits for expats living in Gran Canaria.
  • Spanish social security, and it´s implications for expats living in Gran Canaria.
  • Working in Gran Canaria.
  • Registering with the authorities in Gran Canaria.
  • Information about how the British Consulate can, and cannot help you whether you are living in Gran Canaria or just on holiday here.

Our hope, is that armed with all the information is contained within these pages, you will be able to prepare fully for working and living in Gran Canaria. There will be hurdles, and at times seemingly endless paperwork, that has to be completed but worry not because there are people to help you. Asesorias, for example are a great source of help to anyone living in Gran Canaria that needs assistance with official paperwork.

So get together all the information that you can and prepare well for living in Gran Canaria. We look forward to welcoming you to Gran Canaria, and hope that you enjoy living here as much as we do.

Throughout this section we will include links to various websites that we think will be an invaluable source of help to you. We recommend that you make the very best use of them all.