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The British Consulate Can

The British Consulate can be a source of very helpful information and assistance to British Nationals abroad, whether they are living in a another country or on holiday.The following is a brief resume of the situations when the British Consulate is able to offer assistance to you. For instance:

  • The British Consulate is able to offer help to you if you are a victim of crime, have suffered a serious assault or have been raped. The British Consulate can also help if you are in hospital. This includes contacting your family and friends if you wish.
  • The British Consulate can issue replacements of full passports. This is done via their regional passport centre in Madrid. If you need a replacement passport, passport forms can be downloaded from
  • The British Consulate can help people suffering from mental illness.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where your passport has been lost or stolen, the British Consulate may be able to help you be giving you an amergency passport.
  • The British Consulate can help you by providing information on how to transfer funds in an emergency.
  • The British Consulate will do all they properly can to assist you within 24 hours of being notified that you have been detained.
  • The British Consulate will, if asked, provide you with information and details of, local lawyers, doctors, funeral directors and interpreters.
  • The British Consulate can make special arrangements for you in the case of terrorism, natural disasters and civil disturbances.
  • The British Consulate can offer support in a range of different and difficult circumstances such as, child abduction, missing persons, kidnapping, and the death of relatives overseas.
  • The British Consulate can issue certificates, standard translations, and provide other notarial services. If you are planning on getting married for example while you are living in Gran Canaria, you would need to use these services. There is more detailed information on getting married in Gran Canaria in the living in Gran Canaria section.

While it is hoped that you have little need to use the services outlined on this page, we hope that you have found this information on the British Consulate, informative and useful.