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Which Property Is Right For You

Sometimes it works that in Gran Canaria, the first property you view is the perfect property for you. Sometimes it doesn´t.

This really all depends on the reasons why you are considering buying a property in Gran Canaria.

Identical to mainland Spain, Gran Canaria has a vast amount of real estate agents, although as of 2010 there are fewer than during the boom years owing to the poor economic climate.

Throughout this section we talk a great deal about the value of preparation before you decide to begin buying property, and choosing your ideal property is no exception. With so much information available about Gran Canaria it is totally possible to research an area without even thinking about getting on a plane to visit, although before you start agreeing to a property purchase this is of course highly recommended.

If you are relocating to Gran Canaria or Spain for work, and you are bringing your family, you will probably want to consider the towns nearest to your your new place of work that offers good schooling, local shops, and amenities.

If on the other hand you are looking for a property that you can enjoy your holidays in, and aren´t going to rent it out while it is vacant, then maybe a property on a private complex with a security guard might be right for you. This type of property usually has a swimming pool, and other facilities, but there will be a monthly community payment, and annual meetings to attend.

If you are thinking about buying a property in Gran Canaria or Spain as an investment, and you want to rent it out, then you should consider a property on a complex that has a tourism licence, or an apartment in a hotel (not recommended if you don´t like noise).

The other thing to consider is, the features of the property. What are you looking for exactly? A list would be really useful to you here. Simple but effective. 2 columns, one for the absolutely must have features of the property, and one for the, features that you would like the property to have. The things that would make one property more desirable to you than the next one. For example air conditioning, swimming pool, garden e.t.c.

Once you have settled on the type of property that would be right for you, and the area that you would like it to be in, arrange a visit to the island. Get to know the area you have chosen, and as much as you possibly can seek out local opinion, and advice, about the area, and the real estate agents that are available. There really is nothing more valuable to you than advice that can be obtained from local people.

Once you have chosen your ideal area, we would recommend that you visit as regularly as possible, and at different times of the day, and night, to get a proper feel for the place. This is even more important when you have decided on a property too.

You will find lots of general information about some of the major areas in Gran Canaria by looking through the Gran Canaria section, from the menu on the left.

A little point of note for your information, while, usually the seller of a property pays the real estate agents fees, in some areas it has become a custom that these fees are paid 50/50 split equally between the seller of the property and the buyer. Once you have contracted the services of an Asesor (legal adviser) or lawyer, they will be able to help you with the negotiation of this and other issues related to the purchase of any property.