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Documentation Needed for a Resident Mortgage

This is the type of mortgage you will require if you are planning to live in the property you are buying, whether in Gran Canaria or Spain.

Below you will find a list of the documents and information that the bank are likely to ask you for, when you are applying for a resident mortgage.

  • A Copy of your residence permit. For both partners if you are applying jointly. This could be your residents card, if it is still in force. If it isnĀ“t still in force and you have a green certificate issued by the local police station, this must be accompanied with a copy of your passport (which must be valid).
  • Marital status, age of each partner, if you have children etc. Married couples applying for a mortgage should provide information about both spouses.
  • Your last three salary pay statements, or your last three pension vouchers.
  • Details of the property you are going to buy ("Nota Simple"). If this is the first time you are buying a property in Gran Canaria or Spain, and are unsure, ask your lawyer to obtain this for you.
  • Copy of your last tax declaration
  • Photocopy of the last IBI bill. This is an annual tax levied on every property and paid to the local town hall.
  • Information about any other owned property, individually and jointly if you are applying for a mortgage as a married couple.
  • Information about any other sources of income you have. For example, this may be a monthly sum paid to you from an inheritance. You might also include information about other investments, stocks and shares that you own. All this will help strengthen your application.
  • If you are an employer, or seld employed you will be asked to provide your annual accounts for the last two fiscal years.
  • Information about other debts that you have. You should include mortgages on other properties and loans e.t.c.

We hope this helps you with your preparation for applying to get a mortgage from whichever bank you choose.

If you think we have missed important information from this page. Using the details on the Contact Us Page, email us the information and we will update the page with the new information as soon as possible.