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Property Viewing Checklist

Okay, so, you have seen a few real estate agents windows and you have looked in a few of the papers and have now chosen to look at some properties.

Many factors go into making the decision to buy one house rather than another, and it can sometimes be difficult to remember everything when you are in the middle of a viewing, especially when the owner is present.

We have a compiled a small checklist of things that you might find useful. You may even decide to print a few copies of this page so that you don´t forget anything. Print as many as you need, or come back to the website as many times as you need to. We will leave some space at the bottom of the page for you to make notes while you are viewing the property, or to write down any additional things that are important to you. Whatever you decide to do we hope that you will find this page and the tips useful.

  • Address of property.............................................................
  • Phone number............... in case you think of anything you need to ask after the viewing

Things to look for and ask about.

Is the size of the house right for you?

As you walk in, does the property feel spacious? Do you have enough room to walk around easily? Does the furniture feel crammed in? Is there enough furniture in the property for all the people living there? Do you think some pieces of furniture have been removed to make the property feel larger than it really is?

Foes the property have air conditioning?

We are specifically talking about buying properties in Gran Canaria. Remember, that during summer when temperatures can soar, just having good ventilation is not enough. More and more buyers are listing air conditioning as a must have before they will consider buying a property. It may not be that big an issue but remember that installing air conditioning at a later date can be expensive and extremely dispruptive.

Leaks, Damp, and new paint.

Take a really close look as you walk around the property. Look around windows and door frames for any evidence of leaks, and if the property has skylights pay particular to the paintwork around those. If you see any small areas of fresh paint, ask about them, and ask why the whole room or area wasn´t painted.

What about the kitchen?

Is it well designed?, look closely at the cupboards and doors. answer yourself honestly, is it goos enough for you? or is this likely to be one of the things that you are going to want to replace quickly.

Is the house in a generally good condition?

Pay close attention the walls and check for cracks in the paintwork that may indicate humidity inside the property or cracks and bulges that go deeper and could mean that the property has some real underlying structural problems.

Are there enough windows and are they big enough?

Simple enough really. Does the owner have any lights on during the day and if so then why? Does the property have enough natural light?

What about the neihbourhood?

Is it noisy when you visit? can you hear road traffic noise or any other neighbours from inside the house? Are there any businesses like bars or restaurants that may be a problem to you? Especially if you have aged parents or young children to consider.

What about pressure, water pressure that is

There may be some hidden plumbing issues that you need to address. The easiest way to check that the water pressure is good, is to turn on several taps simultaneously and flush a toilet. Watch the water flow from the taps just to make certain that everything is working as it should. Once you are satisfied that the water pressure is good then watch the water drain away. Slow drainage may indicate blocked drains.

Are all the windows and doors in good condition?

Open and close all the windows, shutters and doors to make sure they are all working and in a good condition. Make sure that they all fit properly. Draught excluding and waterproofing can be expensive to fix.

Is there any mould?

Check inside cupboards and around the bathroom very carefully for mould and signs of dampness, particularly around the shower area. Make certain that the insulation around the shower is in good condition.

Don´t forget to look down

Check all the floors as you are walking around the property. Make sure there are no loose or broken tiles. If there are, you should check with the owner he or she has spare tiles that match. If not replacing a floor can be costly and will be very disruptive.

Is the property standing on good foundations?

If you are lucky enough to be viewing a property with a garden then have a look at it, as well as the immediate surrounding area outside the property. Are there any large trees close enough to the property for the roots to be causing problems to the foundations. Remember that it may be okay now nut as a rule of thumb, there will be the same quantity of roots below ground as there is tree above it. If you are concerned about anything then have it checked.

Can I be connected?

This may sound really silly but if you don´t check you may be buying a property from the dark ages. Make sure you ask the owner if he has a telephone line, and is it active. Believe me, some new owners can wait months before having a telephone line installed. Of course while you are asking about the telephone line you should also check whether ADSL and internet is available. Don´t assume, especially if you work from home and need these things. One other point to remember, (and we have a house like this) mobiles often do not receive a signal while they are indoors.

If you have printed this page you can use this space to make notes of you wish.

We hope that the information on this page, while not conclusive, has been of some help to you, and if you think of something that really should be added to this page then using the information on the Contact Us page, email us with your thoughts.. If it is considered relevant and useful, we will update the information as soon as possible.