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Planning your Move to Gran Canaria

There are many things to consider when you are planning to live abroad permanently. To help you we have collated some important points for consideration so that you can relocate with as little disruption as possible.

Gran Canaria is within Europe, so visas and green cards are not a consideration but remember if you are planning on moving your home, including furniture and possibly your car, there are things you need to know, and think about very carefully beforehand.

What to take.

After you have taken that all important decision to move to a foreign country, you then have to take a really good look around you, and at the things you have amassed over the years. If you are planning to move permanently then you will find that actually need to take less. Everything you own, especially your smaller electrical items can be purchased in your new country. Thankfully, if you are planning your electrical items they are all, almost without exception compatible with the grid in Gran Canaria, by using a European adaptor plug. Do remember though that if you are shipping over a lot of your household goods it will take about a month to arrive in Gran Canaria, so the date of your actual move needs to planned carefully. Consider renting a property in your new country, or if you are buying abroad, consider the option of renting for your last few weeks in the UK, so that you and your furniture have the best chance possible of arriving together. Packing up your home is not going to be easy and can be rather emotional, but try to be objective, and as detached as you can. Ask yourself frequently, do I really need this? Bringing everything is not helpful to you, and in the end is going to result in using up more space in a container which could result in a very costly move.

Do I need special documents?

Fortunately, if you are moving to Gran canaria, you do not, but if you are considering a move outside of Europe then you will need to check this information with your chosen host country. Back to Gran Canaria, You will need to bring with you:

  • Birth and Marriage Certificates.
  • Social Security Cards.
  • Vaccination, Medical and Dental Records - these make life a little easier after you have arrived.
  • Academic Records and Diplomas.
  • Employment Records - especially if you are planning on working here and following the same career. Internationally recognized qualifications will also proof useful to you.
  • Living Will, and Testament

Prescription Drugs

  • If a family member receives ongoing treatment for a medical condition, request an extended supply of prescription medication, allowing yourself time to settle, and find a doctor that suits you. Ask for a copy of the medical file relating to the condition.

Make sure that you store your documents in your hand luggage to avoid the unhappy circumstance of the airline carrier losing your luggage. It can take a long time obtaining copies these very important items.

Now you have been through the house, and are happy with the items that you have chosen to send by container, think carefully about your luggage space. Questions to ask yourself include, What is the climate going to be when I get there? do I really need that big heavy overcoat? At this point, you should apply the previous question, Do I really need this? if the answer is no, then the advice would be to leave it out. We have concerned ourselves on this page with giving you information about the physical move. On other pages in the Living in Gran Canaria section you will find useful information about settling in to your new home, and country, how best to settle the children in, and other really useful information. For now, the following are links to some shipping companies that can be found on the internet. The list is by no means complete, and if you do not find anything useful to you we would recommend doing your own search.

We hope you have found the information on this page useful to you. If you think we have missed anything out please email us. Details can be found on the Contact Us page. We will review your comments, and do any necessary research, and then update this information as soon as possible. We hope your choice to live in Gran Canaria is a good one, and that your move to Gran Canaria goes as smoothly as possible.