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Settling In

How well you settle in to your new Home and country really depends on the preparations you make, before you relocate to your chosen country, in our case Gran Canaria, and what you do immediately after you arrive.

In this section of Living in Gran Canaria, we will try to help you get the very best out of your relocation, by separating the topic into three different pages.

The Primary page for settling in yourself.
Another page for settling in the children.
A further page for settling in and relocating teenagers.

On each page in the settling in section, we will aim to give you tips on how to deal with the preparations to relocate whilst you are still in your home country, and how best to continue after you have actually relocated. Of course we are not going to be able cover all the issues over three pages, and indeed you may encounter some issues that are unique to you, and your family. Register in our forum, and ask any questions that you may have. Of course keep checking back to read the replies.