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Museums & Exhibitions in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a wide attraction to a large demographic of the worldwide populus. Many tourists coming on holiday, do so just to relax and there is nothing wrong in that of course, but to understand, the Gran Canaria of today, it would be a worthwhile experience to visit one of the many museums, that are spread across the island. Gran Canaria has had a chequered history and over the course of time has seen a lot of change, while managing to retain it's own identity. This is largely due to it's adaptability and the ease with which it manages to incorporate new ideas and customs.

Some of these museums offer information from the time of the Guanches, like Pueblo Canario or Elder Museum which is a science and technology museum found in Las Palmas. So if you want to get to, really know and understand Gran Canaria while you are here then it is possible to do so, by visiting a few of the museums that are open to everybody. It is worth noting that many of the museums show their exhibits in a variety of languages. Below is a list of some of the museums that are available for you to visit in Gran Canaria, for many of which we have even more detailed information.

Some of the more popular museums have excursions going to them, but if you want time to appreciate everything you are seeing then perhaps you should consider hiring a car and taking control of your holiday yourself. Some of these museums, like Cueva Pintada in Galdár should definitely not be missed.

Right across the board, the museums chart ancient Gran canaria, and concentrate on the lives of the Ancient Guanches, with museums and archaeological sites, imparting to us, everything, that has been learned about these curious people, and the way they lived their lives, all those years ago on Gran Canaria.

Las Palmas has museums on science and technology, and museums detailing the lives of some of Gran Canaria´s most famous people. The museums on offer in Gran Canaria, also cover art and poetry, where some museums are dedicated to, the life and relevance of agriculture and farming on Gran Canaria.

Not all of the museums on Gran Canaria are connected to history, Las Palmas has the CAAM, which is completely and primarily concerned with modern art, and is perhaps akin to the Tate Modern in London. For a little touch of culture while you are on holiday in Gran Canaria, then choose to visit one of the many museums.