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Atlantic Modern Art Centre

Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (Atlantic modern art centre)
Calle Balcones 11
Las Palmas

Tel 902 311 824

<strong />Atlantic Modern Art Centre</strong>The Atlantic Modern Art Centre (Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno), also known as the CAAM, was inaugurated in 1989 and since it's inauguration the Atlantic Modern Art Centre has assumed it's place as the major reference centre for culture and education in the lives of the Gran Canaria islanders.

Hiding behind the 18th century facade of the Atlantic Modern Art Centre, which formerly, was that of a hotel in Las Palmas, is a centre definitely worth a visit. Even if you only visit the Atlantic Modern Art Centre to view the complete contradiction between it's interior and that of it's exterior, because once inside the Atlantic Modern Art Centre you are greeted with spectacular interior design that has white walls, marble stairs and glass everywhere.

Also known as the CAAM the Atlantic Modern Art Centre organises exhibitions of mainly outlandish and controversial art. Perhaps akin to the Tate Modern in London, the Atlantic Modern Art Centre also has it's own collection of works of art created by Artists that have had an influence on the progression, style and shaping of 20th century Canarian art.

The other principal objective of the Atlantic Modern Art Centre is to demonstrate the links that Canarian art has with Africa, the Americas and Europe. Especially as the archipelago that is the Canary islands has had it's culture determined on the whole, by influences that have come from these three other continents.

The Atlantic Modern Art Centre also doubles as an excellent venue for study and provides space for courses, seminars and lectures and allows for in depth studies of the exhibits from different perspectives, allowing and encouraging the visitors to really understand the exhibits. For a taste of modern Canarian culture the Atlantic Modern Art Centre is definitely worth a visit.