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Castillo de la Luz, Las Palmas

Castillo de la Luz which translates as Castle of the Light is to be found on the southern shore of La Isleta, Las Palmas. Castillo de la Luz is a castle that was built to defend the natural harbour of Las Palmas, called puerto de la luz, which it did for several centuries.

Castillo de la Luz was built in 1541 on the site of an old fort that dated back to the time of the Castilian invasion and conquest. Castillo de la Luz is a solid square shape with a platform equipped for eleven canons.

Castillo de la LuzAs ready and as capable as Castillo de la Luz was to defend the harbour of Las Palmas it sadly suffered greatly at the hands of Dutch pirates during an invasion. The Dutch pirates invaded in 1599 and Castillo de la Luz suffered severe damage, and during the onslaught of the attack Castillo de la Luz was burned out completely.

The following two centuries saw the rebuilding of Castillo de la Luz, to it´s original form as a two storey castle. Castillo de la Luz was extended and improved and in 1941 saw this grand island feature declared a national monument. Castillo de la Luz was fully restored in 1990 and today is the venue of a cultural centre. Castillo de la Luz also serves as an exhibition centre for international and national events. The contradiction, that today is Castillo de la Luz, stands quietly and proudly on the shore of Gran Canaria, while also serving as reminder of a violent and troubled history. Castillo de la Luz is a reminder of a Gran Canaria that was once, under a seemingly constant siege, from various peoples around the world. If you visit Las Palmas, don´t forget to visit Castillo de la Luz.