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Elder Museum, Las Palmas

Museo Elder - Elder Museum
Parque de Santa Catalina
35007 Las Palmas

Tel. 928 01 18 28
Fax. 928 01 10 01

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 11.00 - 21.00

<strong />Elder Museum</strong> of Science & Technology in Las PalmasLocated at the edge of Parque Santa Catalina is the Elder Museum of science and technology. This building housing the Elder Museum used to belong to the shipping line Elder-Dempster. The shipping line was very important to Gran Canaria, and tharefore, the building and the Elder Museum have assumed the name. Anybody interested in science and technology will be fascinated by the Elder Museum. The fun starts outside the Elder Museum with a resident aircraft simulator and inside the Elder Museum there are lots of interactive exhibits to keep it's visitors amused for hours. The Elder Museum has exhibits like an industrial robot that spot welds cars and an IMAX cinema to name but just two of them.

There are more than twenty display areas inside the Elder Museum, spread over several floors, and all the exhibition areas are devoted to the reconstruction of mankind's greatest advances in science. All the exhibits, at the Elder Museum form part of this interactive science awareness centre, who's motto is "You are forbidden, not to touch". The Elder Museum is one more very good reason to visit Las Palmas, while you are on holiday in Gran Canaria.