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Guayadeque Museum

Museo de Guayadeque - Guayadeque Museum
(Centro de interpretación arqueológica)
Barranco de Guayadeque
35260 Agüimes

Tel. 928 17 20 26

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 9.00 - 17.00
Sunday 10.00 - 18.00
Monday closed

b />Guayadeque</strong> cave housesBetween Agüimes and Ingenio in the east of Gran Canaria lies the ravine called Guayadeque. The Guayadeque ravine or valley can be reached by either direction and has been declared a national monument, and a place of special archaeological interest with outstanding environmental and heritage value. The area of Guayadeque has been subjected to a degree of isolation which has resulted in the preservation of cultural and natural wealth of traditions that go back centuries. Traditions, which although carried on in Guayadeque, and which once spanned the entire island of Gran Canaria, have long since, all but, disappeared.

There is evidence of human activity in the Guayadeque ravine which dates back to a time long before the Spanish conquest, to the time of the Ancient Guanches. The area of Guayadeque, began to be recognised for it's importance after the Canario Museum began it's first explorations back in the 19th century. The most well known finds that come from Guayadeque are perhaps the mummies and the burial caves but these are by no means the extent of the findings here.

A more recent study of Guayadeque has highlighted the presence of grain stores, cave paintings and engravings and another significant element; the existence of underground hamlets. Post-conquest documentation referring to the area of Guayadeque does so almost exclusively concerning it's water supply and it's exploitation and usage, whether it was being used for irrigation of surrounding land, or to drive the mills that can still be seen along it's course to the present day.

Guaydeque's environmental resources of national importance are on show in the Guayadeque Information Centre. This is a building that has been carved out of the hillside of Guayadeque in the tradition of the Guanche cave dwellers that used to inhabit this area. The Guayadeque Museum takes you on a journey from the volcanic eruptions and shaping of Gran Canaria, into it's current state, right through the occupation of the indigenous people (The Guanches) and ultimately the subsequent settlement.