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León y Castillo House Museum, Telde

Casa Museo León y Castillo - León y Castillo house museum.
Calle León y Castillo 43-45
Gran Canaria

Tel. 928 691 377

León y Castillo House MuseumThe León y Castillo House Museum (Casa Museo León y Castillo) was founded by the council of Gran Canaria in 1954 and is situated in Telde in the house where both of the following, distinguished and locally famous personalities were born.

Fernando León y Castillo, the first marquis de Muni and Juan his brother, the engineer who designed the Puerto de la Luz situated in Las Palmas. Juan also was a faithful supporter of Mudejar architecture here in the Canaries. Both men were important political activists during the Bourbon restoration.

The León y Castillo House Museum is home to a research centre with a library specialising in modern history. The León y Castillo House Museum also arranges organised courses, conferences and seminars and even awards scholarships and a research prize.

The house that is home to the León y Castillo House Museum is one of the best examples of large ancestral houses in Telde and Gran Canaria. Inside the León y Castillo House Museum, you will discover numerous personal objects, the library, and paintings by Gusach, Raimundo Madrazo and José Arencibia Gil.