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Néstor Museum, Las Palmas

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<strong />Néstor Museum</strong>, Las Palmas, Gran CanariaNéstor was one of Spain's most famous symbolist painters and he lived (1887 – 1938), he was significant enough, that as you look around other areas of Gran Canaria you will see copies of his paintings and businesses that carry his name.

The Néstor Museum was founded to celebrate the life and works of the local artist Néstor Martin Fernandez de la Torre. The gallery inside Néstor Museum has been extended to include, and house further paintings from the Gallery of Contemporary Canarian Art, together with examples of antique furniture and other important local artefacts.

The Néstor Museum is located inside Parque Doramás, and contains some the most important works of art created by Néstor Martin Fernandez de la Torre.