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Pueblo Canario, Las Palmas

Pueblo Canario - Canarian Village.
Parque Doramás
Las Palmas
Gran Canaria

P<strong />Pueblo Canario</strong> in Las PalmasPueblo Canario museum, is another tourist attraction contained in Parque Doramas. Pueblo Canario museum is a complex of traditionally built island houses that are laid out to form a typical Canarian village with gates, an atrium and turrets.  Pueblo Canario museum is a fairly recent addition to everything that Gran Canaria has to offer, being designed in the 1930's by two brothers, Néstor and Miguel Fernandez de la Torre.

Included in Pueblo Canario is the Néstor Museum (Museo Néstor) which is dedicated to the life and works of Néstor Fernandez de la Torre, the more famous of the two brothers.

The Pueblo Canario museum opened in 1958 and exhibits a multitude of this artists works, displaying his versatility. These works include sketches, still life's and sensuous and symbolic paintings. Of these, the highlights are his Poema del Mar (poem of the sea) which comprises a series of eight murals and another series of paintings called Visiones de Gran Canaria (visions of Gran Canaria).

Néstor and Miguel Fernandez de la Torre designed Pueblo Canario to get visiting tourists interested in island culture. Pueblo Canario has a large square around which you will find shops that sell local handicrafts. The Pueblo Canario museum square, is also the venue for folklore shows which take place often. A real treat, and all located in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria.