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Canarian bars in Gran Canaria

It is difficult to define Canarian Bars, but of course, Gran Canaria has lots of them. Canarian Bars can often be fairly simple as the entertainment will come from the people using the bar. Find a good Canarian Bar and you will see and hear singing and dancing, all provided by the customers. The workers in the major resorts usually live fairly locally so you are able to find a plethora of Canarian Bars, so if it is Canarian culture you are looking for then seek one out and enjoy a Canarian Bar. Of course this is Gran Canaria so Canarian Bars are to be found all over the island, and not just restricted to the major tourist centres of Maspalomas Puerto Rico Playa del Inglés. Below you will find a list of links that will provide you with information on different Canarian Bars that are available for your enjoyment.

- Castillo del Romeral. is not responsible for any of the information contained in these pages. If you are looking for real Canarian culture we know you are going to find a Canarian Bars that suit you from the Canarian Bars that are available in Gran Canaria, and more, that you will not be disappointed. You will find a selection of Canarian Bars around the major tourist centres of Maspalomas Puerto Rico Playa del Inglés bit some of the better Canarian Bars will be found slightly further afield.