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Family bars in Gran Canaria

There are so many bars that could fall and perhaps should fall under the category of family bars it is hard to know where to start. Many family bars not only accept children, but actively encourage them, depending on their entertainer. Be careful though as a little later the humour could get a little close to the mark in some of the family bars and may not be suitable for all ages. Make your choice from among the family bars well and it can greatly improve the overall experience of your holiday in Gran Canaria. Family bars can be found in all the principal tourist centres like Maspalomas . Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés.

We know that from the family bars on this page you will find something that will suit all ages. Below you will find a list of links that will provide you with information about different family bars that are available on Gran Canaria. is not responsible for the information contained in these pages. We know you are sure to have a great time in one or more of the family bars that are available on Gran Canaria and that your holiday will give you some excellent memories to take home. There are plenty of family bars to choose from in the major tourist centres of Maspalomas, Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés