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Restaurants in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has as many restaurants available for your enjoyment as it does bars. If you fancy eating something different or unusual, almost certainly you will find it one of the restaurants, while you are on holiday in Gran Canaria. Almost every type of national cuisine is represented through the restaurants available in Gran Canaria, from the usual burger bars, to restaurants offering silver service. Don't tell Santa but you can even eat Rudolf! in a few of the restaurants here on Gran Canaria. We have tried in the restaurants section to represent as many categories of restaurants as possible, through the groups in the restaurants section of the website. In each different restaurants group, you will find a list of links giving you information on different restaurants offering that particular type of meal.

By clicking the different restaurants categories from the menu, you will be taken to pages that will give you information on different restaurants available that fall into that particular group.
In many cases the restaurants offer a range of different cuisines, so some restaurants appear in more than category.

You will find information on:

We wanted to give you, the reader, as much information as possible about Gran Canaria so we decided, the best way was to get the owners of the various different types of restaurants in Gran Canaria, to tell you themselves. So in the restaurants section of the website, you will find various different groups or type of restaurants. In each group you will find a list of pages that restaurant owners have written themselves, to tell you as much about them and their restaurants as they can.

Restaurants, food and eating are very important, and a bad meal has the capability to totally ruin a pleasant day. Whatever your chosen fare happens to be, whether you are sticking with “Tried and Tested” familiar favourites, or something new, we know that within these pages you are going to find restaurants that tickle those tastebuds and please the pocket too. You will even find restaurants that the kids will enjoy!!

Please don't rush your time in the restaurants section, have a really good look around the information about available restaurants that is contained within these pages. It will help you to plan your holiday in advance so that you will not have to waste a single second after you have arrived. Avoid spending the first day of your holiday using your precious time finding out where all the restaurants are. You will be able to unpack and start enjoying your holiday to the full, by making every single moment count, if you spend just a few moments now planning ahead. hopes you have a fantastic holiday in Gran Canaria, and that by the time you arrive back home, all your expectations will have been surpassed. Use the restaurants section as a guide to plan the restaurants you would like to eat in, while you are in Gran Canaria. Whether you are staying in Maspalomas, Puerto Rico or Playa del Inglés, you will find restaurants that suit you.