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Pizza restaurants in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has it's fair share of Pizza restaurants and most of them offer a delivery or take away service. For that quick meal, before you head of for the evenings, fun and, frivolity, you could choose a satisfying, high quality Pizza from a number of Pizza restaurants that are available. Usually, Pizza restaurants are not very far away and most offer pizza deliveries over a reasonable distance. Whichever pizza you choose, from a Margarita to something a little more extravagant it will be well worth the effort you put in to obtaining it from one of the specialist Pizza restaurants. It may be worth noting that many of the International restaurants also serve Pizza. This could well be the evening you have a real feast, because many of the Pizza restaurants don't just serve pizza, many have quite an extensive menu. Spent a large chunk of you day wandering around looking in different shop windows trying to decide on a gift to take home and now you feel hungry? Choosing one of the pizza restaurants may be what you need tight now. You will find good quality Pizza restaurants in the major tourist centres of Maspalomas, Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés. Below you will find a list of links that will provide you with information on the different Pizza restaurants available on Gran Canaria.

  • La Taverna del Circo Pizza Restaurant.
  • Pizza Royers Pizza Restaurant. Pizza Royers is located in the car park at the Atlántico Shopping Centre, very close to the McDonald´s fast food restaurant.
  • Telepizza Pizza restaurant. is not responsible for any of the information contained in these pages. Whether you choose, the world famous "Pizza Hut" or the local "Telepizza" you will find Pizza restaurants to suit you on Gran Canaria. Pizza is available, from almost any restaurant, but you will find really good Pizza restaurants in the major tourist centres of Maspalomas, Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés.