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Shopping in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the real commercial and political centre of Gran Canaria. The government and national executive buildings are here. This is the home of the worlds 4th largest port and as you can imagine a large part of the island population live here as well. For this reason the shopping in Las Palmas is second to none on Gran Canaria.

Las Palmas is divided into 9 districts and in many of these districts, like Triana or Vegueta, the possibilities for shopping and obtaining bargains are plentiful.

When shopping in Las Palmas you will notice that the prices are very good compared to back home and there are a good deal of bargains to be had on all manner of goods.

Shopping in Las Palmas at El Corte InglésIn whichever district of Las Palmas you are in you will find road upon road of shops and department stores for you to peruse and enjoy. There are lots of areas for shopping in Las Palmas and you can easily combine shopping in Las Palmas with sightseeing.

A word of warning, while you are shopping in Las Palmas if you intend to use a credit card make absolutely sure that take your passport or photo driving licenses with you. Some stores will not ask for identification but if they do and you can't provide it then they will not complete the sale and it could leave you feeling a little embarrassed. It is much better to be fully prepared when shopping in Las Palmas.