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Las Terrazas shopping centre, Telde

Las Terrazas Shopping Centre
Parque Maritimo

Las Terrazas shopping centre near Telde Las Terrazas shopping centre is a brand new shopping centre that has been built right on the coast, near to Telde.

Las Terrazas shopping centre bucks some of the rules especially with it's "everything 1 euro" cafe. Yes, it's true whatever you order each item will only cost you 1 euro, the price is fantastic and the quality excellent, just be prepared to queue as this restaurant/cafe is very popular.

Las Terrazas shopping centre also has a cinema and even an indoor karting area, along with a large variety of shops and factory outlets.

Almost everything you are looking will be found in Las Terrazas shopping centre and some things at bargain prices because of the factory outlet shops with many offering last seasons goods at reduced prices, although the reductions may not be as much as you were expecting.

There is a lot of talk about Las Terrazas and it has produced quite a stir, but if you are looking for a brand new shopping experience then you will be disappointed. Las Terrazas shopping centre is not a great deal different from any of the others. It's best recommendation is it's location and even, then Las Terrazas is likely to be used more by the locals that live nearby as opposed to being a shopping centre that attracts coach loads of holiday makers.