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Leroy Merlin, Telde

Leroy Merlin
Parque Comercial La Mareta
AutovĂ­a GC1, Km. 8
35200 Telde

Tel. 928 70 76 00
Fax. 928 70 66 16

Business hours: 10.00 - 22.00

Leroy Merlin in Telde Leroy Merlin shopping centre in Telde is part of a much larger company. One of Europe's largest home improvement retailers. This is possibly because Leroy Merlin is a company that is able to adapt to local needs, for example Leroy Merlin in France would offer a similar range of products that are available in Gran Canaria, but in a very different style.

All home improvement needs can be met here at the Leroy Merlin shopping centre. Everything you might need from screws and nails to baths, wardrobes and specialist tools along with many decorative ideas and gardening items can be obtained at Leroy Merlin. For Home improvement in Gran Canaria, there is nothing that surpasses, the quality and the diverse range of good and services, than that of, the Leroy Merlin home improvement, shopping centre.